Dolphins …

I have been practicing yoga for 8 years. You would think by now none of it would be hard or cause me discomfort. WRONG. It is still incredibly challenging for me. I’m currently doing a 21-Day practice that is kicking my butt. I’ve had to hold these poses for years now, but this program holds them longer and revisits them A LOT. And my body is feeling it. A LOT. I think, for the most part, yoga poses have pretty non-threatening names. Pigeon. Cat. Cow. Camel. Swan. Yes, there are others that are more intimidating but when I hear animals like I previously stated, I naturally assume my body won’t be ravaged them. But I couldn’t be more wrong. One of the sweetest, smartest and cutest animals left me wrecked the other day … WHODA THUNK?!?!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t have a rough encounter with a dolphin!!!


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