The hiccup from hell …

I have been thirsty all day. I went running this morning and it was blazing hot. I’ve been drinking water and tea in excess all day long because of it. At lunch, when we were out, the waitress filled my glass up twice and at that point I was just going to ask her for a trough, HA! With my crazy thirst it is no surprise that I got the hiccups this afternoon. I don’t get the hiccups a lot but when I do I only hiccup about two or three times. Then they’re gone. But today’s hiccup was extremely unusual. It came after a yawn and while I was driving. I’ll be honest, I thought my life was in danger. It was so startling! I know hiccups come from your diaphragm but I’m pretty sure that this one came from my soul. I’m not sure if the yawn had anything to do with it but this hiccup involved most of my body and it was loud. Like it came from the depths of somewhere dark and scary. Thank goodness my kids weren’t with me because I am pretty this thing would have made Reese cry. Strangely, it was a stand alone hiccup too. I only had one. And trust me, one was enough!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t have a hiccup from hell!!!


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