Holding no grudges …

I found out something today that I should have known for quite some time. Actually I found out something that I should have been TOLD years ago that really could have benefited someone that I love. And now I’m left wondering WHY I wasn’t told. Did the people who KNOW, not tell me? Or did the people who SHOULD have known NEVER know in the first place?


At this point, I have a choice. I can be angry and spend a whole lot of time and energy figuring out WHY this happened and WHO is responsible. OR, I can just be thankful and hopeful with my new found information. I’ll be honest, this is a tough one to let go of. But the person who benefits most from this new information deserves that I am discerning in my efforts so that we can move forward into a brighter future. So, for them I’m going to let it go.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you hold no grudges!!!


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