A very sweet day …

Happy National Donut Day! This is MY day! I admit it, donuts are my ultimate food vice. I am a foodie, no doubt. But donuts are MY THING. They are my comfort food. And every time I eat one it’s like eating a portion of my childhood. OK, that’s a little weird but you get my point. HA! Donuts are THE BEST. In regards to fitness and nutrition donuts have always represented a special portion of what I preach. BALANCE. Yes, I find BALANCE in a DONUT! Judge if you want, but this has a BIGGER meaning than just eating a donut. Let’s face it, if you can’t allow yourself to find joy in a simple indulgence every once in a while (without causing harm, of course) … then you just aren’t living.

Well, I hope you all allow yourself to have a very sweet day!!!


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