A surprisingly sweet day …

Yesterday we went to an Easter Extravaganza at a regional park near our home. And boy oh boy, was it an Extravaganza! If it could be Easter Bunny-ed out, it was. Reese had a blast and even wanted to see the Easter Bunny up-close. This is HUGE for her! She asked Libs to go with her and I got some of the cutest pictures of them. The mom in me was THRILLED! I was a little tearful too. Libs is so good to Reese. All of my kids are, but Libs went out of her way to really make it a special day for Reese. I love these kids of mine! Anyway, I thought the day was a success as it was, but as we were hanging out with the Easter Bunny, what should appear?!?! A BABY BUNNY! A real life furry precious little bunny and it wasn’t even planned! This darling little nugget of fluff just showed up! It topped off our day perfectly!

Well, I hope you all have a surprisingly sweet day!!!


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