Those really scary traffic spikes …

We have a local park where I tend to run and walk a lot of my miles. I have been going to this park for decades and it’s changed very little over time. Or at least it seems like it hasn’t. It’s a favorite of mine and it’s where I get to see our seasons change. Well, as much as they actually change here, HA!

Although the park has remained virtually the same there was one notable change that was made to the park for security and safety reasons, the placement of traffic spikes at the exit. I honestly couldn’t tell you when they were placed there. Probably a long time ago. But I can’t get used to them. No, I’ve never backed up over them. That would be BAD. They just really freak me out. I enter the park where these strips are and it never fails that someone is leaving as I arrive. Even if I have my earbuds in I am always surprised, in a really bad way, at how darn loud those spikes are when a car drives over them. It happens practically every time I go there, yet for some reason I can’t seem to get used to the sound. I am sure my reaction is down right hilarious to anyone watching. I jump like an axe murderer has sprung from the bushes. Good grief.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you aren’t scared out of your mind!!!


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