Watch what you say …

Yesterday Reese was watching a movie on her iPad while I was making lunch in the kitchen. Reese still struggles with her speech but it’s really starting to improve. She’s combing more words together and her ability to articulate her sounds is becoming stronger. And yesterday was proof! While watching her movie I heard her say, “What in the world?!?!” It was absolutely adorable! She used it appropriately and appeared quite surprised by what she was watching. I loved it! I say “What in the world?!?!” all the time and my little peanut picked up not only HOW but WHEN to say it. This is pretty huge in Reese’s world and I couldn’t be happier! Oh and I’m pretty darn happy that I don’t say a whole lot worse than that when I’m surprised, HA!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you watch what you say!!!


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