Sweaty compression bras, the struggle is real … 

There is a subject many female runners can relate to. Often times we joke about it, but it’s actually something we must deal with after every run. The removal of our sweaty compression bras. Good grief. It can be a workout in and of itself.

I went to yoga last night (trust me, I am going somewhere with this). I didn’t stretch before my class started and realized that was a bad idea after my left shoulder decided it wasn’t going to work anymore. Fun.

I didn’t think much about my shoulder after class was over. It wasn’t bothering me at all. To be honest, I forgotten that I had even done something to it. HOWEVER, the memory came flooding back after my run this morning when I tried to QUICKLY get in the shower. At that moment I became VERY aware that my shoulder was still sore. AND I was trapped in my sweaty compression bra! No … REALLY! I honestly thought I might have to cut it off me, because clearly, I wasn’t going to call anyone for help. It took me a few minutes but I did eventually pry myself out … it was no easy feat!

Well, I hope you all have a day where the struggle is real!!!


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