A peaceful start … 

I started wearing ear plugs to sleep in college. Living in a noisy sorority house it was a necessity. But the years I lived there proved to be habit forming. To this day I still need ear plugs to sleep. It’s something about the light pressure in my ears that makes me fall asleep. Weird, but true. I don’t even need them in all the way to block out the sound. Which is good since the past 19 years I’ve had children. You need to hear those little buggers!

Anyway, I woke up early this morning. REALLY early and WAY before my alarm clock. Yuck. Eventually I realized I wasn’t falling back to sleep so I began my normal morning routine. First prayer and meditation, then I check my email. This is all done in my bed so I usually still have my ear plugs in, like I did today. After checking my email this morning I rolled over to put my phone down and one of my loosely fitted ear plugs fell out. And I heard it.


Perhaps it’s the drought that has made me appreciate it more but the sound of rain has never seemed more beautiful to me. Maybe it’s part of the fallout of having been sick again. I find that my appreciation for life’s simple treasures has been magnified. I know how blessed I am to be healthy enough to experience all of it. Like this morning. There I was, a little frustrated by not sleeping, irritated for having to fight off a cold and feeling sore as heck from my last yoga class. As I saw it, Monday was not starting off great. Until that moment when I heard the rain. I didn’t even know it had started. And the sound of it was lovely and calming. Perhaps Monday didn’t start off the way I had hoped because God and the Universe decided that I needed to hear the rain more. That it would do more for my soul than an extra 90 minutes of sleep. I guess I have to agree.

Well, I hope you all have a day that starts off peacefully!!!


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