Groundhog Day and it seems just like yesterday … 

Twenty-tree years ago today my mother passed away. Some years it’s easier to deal with this “anniversary” … others are not. But it’s never a good day. The memories always come flooding back. The pain and sadness that day brought is unusually fresh. How my life was forever changed, vivid. She wasn’t just my mother. She was my best friend, my confidante, a giver of unconditional love, my hero … and she is gone. I miss her and love her as much as I did that day. Probably even more. And it’s horrible. There is a movie called Groundhog Day staring Bill Murray. It came out in 1993, the year before my mother died. It’s about a man who must repeat a particular day in his life (Groundhog Day) until he gets it right. I know how this character must have felt. This day never changes for me either. Except for the part about getting it right. I will never have the ability to make this day right in my heart. Not. Ever.

Well, I hope you all have a day where it seems just like yesterday!!!


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