Happy to have my heart ripped out …

Yesterday we visited Sonoma State University. G3 was accepted there a few weeks ago. He still is undecided on which university he wants to attend and this is all part of the process to help him decide. I think the campus is lovely. In this mom’s opinion, the dorms couldn’t be more perfect for him. And the whole feel of the university just felt right to me. But but other than contributing a little parental guidance and my knowledge and familiarity with campus life, I am allowing him to make this very adult decision. As hard as it is to admit, G3 is almost an adult now. He’s a smart, level headed young man. I know his future is bright no matter where he ends up studying. As much as I want to, I don’t need to “hand hold” him on this one. He’s got this. And it makes me both incredibly proud … and sad. I feel all the parental “feels”.

“Where has time gone?”

“I want to be mama bear and protect my son … FOREVER!”

“I don’t want him to leave!”

But then there is also the part of me that cannot think of any greater joy than watching my children follow their dreams. I have been down this road before with Sidney. It is an all too familiar emotional roller coaster that is both beautiful and horrible all at the same time! Yet as painful as it can be watching this all go down, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Well, I hope you call have a day where you are happy to have your heart ripped out!!!


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