Don’t do it …

I NEVER decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. But having been sick and deciding we aren’t having our annual Henry Thanksgiving Day Extravaganza I decided to forego Thanksgiving decorations and just go straight for the Christmas decorations. I admit, it’s really weird for me. And since Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday I’m a little sad about it too. But I honestly couldn’t fathom decorating twice in the next nine days, not with the level of fatigue I’ve been battling.

I pulled all the decorations out when my Crew was at school and just haphazardly placed decorations around where I wanted them. I did manage to get some decorations up outside too, which Reese LOVED driving up to after I picked her up from school. She walked in the house and screamed “Santa!”. It was precious!

Reese is absolutely excited about Christmas this year and I love know that this year will be so magical for her.

A few hours later Libs, Reese and I went to Walmart. It was completely Christmas-ized! So it fired Reese up even more. It was like someone turned the Christmas “light switch” on in her little world and she went bonkers. Not only that, but EVERY toy that Reese could possibly want was placed perfectly at her eye level. It was unbelievable … and awful! Let me tell you, that kid has some serious negotiating skills. And I REALLY should have considered all of this before taking her with me. Oy. 

Well, I hope you all have a day where you DON’T DO IT!!!


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