Preschool and the cutest tribe ever …

Last week one of my best friends text me and asked if I would consider taking a temporary part-time position at her school working with one and two year olds. I agreed. And today was my first day.

All I can say is that it was so much dang fun! I knew that the kiddos might not like me very much at first, so almost immediately upon entering the classroom I sat down on the floor during their play time. I wanted to be at their level and allow them to warm up to me on their time. Boy oh boy, did they stare me down. They weren’t cutting me any slack. Yet one by one, I started to earned their trust throughout the morning. Some were straight up like “OK you’re cool, I’m just going to plop down in your lap and you can read me this book.” While others it took sharing some play time, like running up and down a ramp about 437 times. But it was all worth the effort because these little nuggets are absolutely precious.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are accepted into the cutest tribe ever!!!


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