Water and glitter … 

It is truly uncanny how fast a child can get into mischief. And I’m thinking Reese is extra fast. EXTRA. EXTRA. FAST.

Well, I hope you all have a day where your bathroom sink doesn’t overflow and your bedroom isn’t decorated in blue glitter!!!

Moving again …

It’s mind boggling how things come together for me. I can get really stuck sometimes. My head and heart deal with some really sticky matters! But then, when I least expect it … BOOM. Someone reaches out to me and does something that I didn’t expect … and it makes all the difference. 

Well, I hope you all have a day where something gets you moving again!!!

Just driving around with a frog … 

I was driving tonight and I swear I heard an animal noise coming from somewhere in my car. It wasn’t ferocious but no less disturbing. I never found out where it was coming from either. I just really hope I’m wrong about the sound or that whatever it is just leaves without a major incident.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t drive around with a frog!!!

Simply happy … 

Every day you should find a reason to smile. Even if it’s really really hard to do. It’s worth the effort. That’s all I’ve got for today. It’s simple but it seems pretty important too.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you found something that made you happy!!!

A different kind of adventure awaits …

Although by the feel of our weather you would never know that autumn has arrived. But it has! As much as I love summer this season is often a welcome change. Despite all the back-to-school business and looming craziness of the holidays, life somehow gets a little bit cozier and fun takes on a whole new shape. I am proud to say that we have a lot of family traditions, and during this time of year we have TONS that fill my heart with a special kind of joy. And I simply can’t wait to start them all over again!

Well, I hope you all have a day where a different kind of adventure awaits!!!

Don’t sit …

I woke up completely energized, in a great mood and ready to tackle my day. Which was good because I was facing a crazy busy morning, that would be followed up with a busy afternoon and evening. I was going, going, going for over six hours when I had to come home before starting my afternoon activities. Unfortunately I did something that I knew that I shouldn’t do. But I did it anyway and within minutes my get-up-and-go, got up and went. OY!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t sit!!!

I feel like an onion … 

The past few weeks I’ve been trying to figure so many things out I feel like I need duct tape to keep my head from exploding. It’s a HUGE project that I’m working on (I’ll reveal it when I’m ready) and I’m getting information from everywhere! It’s a process. Let. Me. Tell. You. One that can be very humbling. It’s a constant battle between not knowing how to do something, then figuring it out, only to learn that there is still more I don’t know. Like LAYERS and LAYERS of what I don’t know. OY.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t feel like an onion!!!

Unicorns … 

Even before I had children I had always said that I wanted a home where people knew, when they walked in, that children lived there. I don’t get upset seeing toys or books around. This is their home too and I want it to always feel that way.

Reese has three stuffed unicorns. They are honestly adorable. I find them in random places around the house. Always together. The past few days they have found themselves a spot on the couch in our family room.

This morning Libs was taking a load of clothes out of the dryer for me and asked where I wanted her to put them. I told her I was going to fold them right away and to put them on the couch … next to the unicorns. I just about died laughing.

Life can be pretty ups and downs-y. And I am definitely in that “season”. But moments like this are part of why I continue to love my life so much. Random moments in time spent with the ones I love most, sharing seemingly meaningless encounters is where I have found some of my greatest joys in life. I can’t be anything but grateful for that.

Well, I hope you all have a day where life gives you a little treasure (or 3) !!!


Shaky …

I’m trying to lose some weight before my next race. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m not over weight. But my doctors okayed a weight that I can lose down to before they feel that I run the risk of losing muscle tone and getting injured. It’s an experiment to see if it will help me run faster.

Anyway, I’m just a few pounds away from my goal, but I’ll tell you, this part is no fun. I’m working out harder, rather than decreasing my calories. Let’s face it folks, I love to eat, HA! That is, I usually love to eat. 

After my race my metabolism has been crazy. First, I was starving. I couldn’t eat enough. Then the past two days I have had no appetite at all. Zip. None. On top of that my emotions are running really high today. Pick any number of reasons for that one, OY! I guess it all has me feeling just a little bit off. BIG SIGH … this too shall pass. 

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t feel SHAKY!!!