Backing up … 

I run in the mornings, usually quite early. It’s how I love to start my day. It’s quiet. No one needs me. It’s truly my ME time.

There are usually very few cars on the road. Which I love. I can always tell what time it is based on how many cars I see. Sadly, once it gets to a certain hour my quiet me time turns into survival of the fittest, HA!

In all my years out there running I have to say that 95% of the time drivers do not look right when they are turning right. Most of the time they are looking left to make sure no one hits them as they turn. I have lost track how many times I’ve almost been hit in these situations. One time a woman almost ran me over TWICE. Not to worry. My fists slamming into her side passenger window finally made her aware of me. AS SHE SPED AWAY! No joke. She screamed, started crying hysterically and drove away. Never checked to see if I was OK. Swell. Anyway. My point. Look both ways.

But really that’s not my point today. Today I want to write about the people who DO SEE ME. Most of these drivers are ones who have pulled too far into the cross walk. But they correct their mistake. Sometimes right away when they see me, but often times as I pass them or after I have already gone around them. But I like those people. Especially the ones who do it as I’m passing them. They see what they need to fix and even though their actions can’t make it better or safer for me necessarily, they are thinking about the next runner who might come along. That is conscientious thinking if you ask me. Good people, correcting their errors so that situations can be better and safer for the next person who comes along. Yup. I like that. It makes me wonder if this is how these people operate in their day-to-day lives. I’d like to believe that they do. 

Well, I hope you all have a day where you back up!!!


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