Sadly celebrating my mom …

Today is my mom’s birthday. She would have been 69. She has been celebrating in heaven for 22 years now. Typing that just blows my mind. It’s shocking. If she were to walk through my front door right now, I could easily pick up where we left off. Just like she never left. Of course I would give her a giant hug first! But I know us, within minutes we would be catching up and probably laughing our tushies off about something. Gosh, wouldn’t that be nice …

It’s incredible how true unconditional love works. I love my mother just as much as I did the day she passed away. Heck, I think I might even love her more. I see so much of her in myself now. I value the life lessons she taught me. Especially the ones that she taught me by example. She taught me to laugh and find joy in every place life took me. Even the dark and scary parts. People wonder how I do it. How I can keep smiling and keep an optimistic outlook despite the life experiences I’ve had. People ask how I have not become bitter. My mom. Mom is how I do it. Her short life was far from perfect, but it never stopped her from laughing and hoping her way through each new day. This amazing ability of hers became her greatest gift to me and it has become her legacy. A legacy I try to honor every day.

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you like you never left and miss you fiercely every day. You were, are and always will be my greatest hero.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you sadly celebrate!!!



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