A runner’s high …

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve been having trouble with my right shin. It has sucked. It’s derailed my hopes for a great finish at my next race … and it really has hurt! With this shin thing lingering as long as it has, my plan has been to run my race and then go get an x-ray to confirm exactly want I am dealing with. Yes, I realize I should do that before my race, but it isn’t happening. I’m not missing this race for anything. And a doctor might have other plans for me. Which is a totally horrible example to set for others and I wound NEVER recommend it. But I’ve learned to read my body pretty well after all these years and at this stage of healing process I know that I can finish the race without damaging myself further.

That all being said, I ran pain-free today. My last 10-miler before the race and my shin actually felt pretty good. The last 3 miles went particularly well. Not fast, just not terrible, HA! The whole experience left me with that fire in my soul again. It’s like an awakening and it happens during a good run. And it breaths hope back into my dreams.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you get a runner’s high!!!


4 thoughts on “A runner’s high …

  1. I recommend that you try a ProStretch. I have never suffered any shin splints, or any lower leg muscle problems since buying one five years ago. I log about 100 kilometers a month. I am a blogger here as well and a certified fitness professional. Come and visit me at my blog! Cheers!



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