She lost her head …

Reese is allowed to bring personal toys from home to school as long as they remain in her backpack. I love this policy because some kids really do need their security items. Although reese doesn’t use this rule in that way she still, on occasion, won’t want to part with a toy she’s been particularly fond of when she goes to school. So, into her backpack it goes. No struggle or drama. If Reese does bring a toy to school it’s usually a doll. Today it was actually two. The Barbie version of Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Her teacher and I just about died laughing when we noticed a tiny arm poking out of Reese’s backpack this morning. Creepy and hilarious all in one!

After school Reese immediately asked for her dolls. I took them out and gave them to her once she got into our car. She was happy as a clam and we drove home as we usually do talking about how her day went at school.

Our drive home was as normal as it always is … until it wasn’t. Then it VERY WASN’T. All of a sudden Reese’s cheerfulness turned to what appeared to be fear! Sadly I was at particular place on the road that wouldn’t allow for me to pull over. UGH! So I calmly told her I couldn’t stop or turn around to look to see what was wrong. I asked her to try to tell me or show me what was wrong in the rear view mirror.
My poor little Reese, with a sad and somewhat disgusted look on her face, showed me exactly what was wrong. It was Elsa. And she was not right. Not. Right. At. All.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t lose your head!!!


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