A second chance … 

Nasty people happen. They are out there. We encounter them. I often leave these encounters wondering WHY for about 10 minutes then I let it go. I’m pretty good at stuff like that because I know that eventually I will find out the WHY. The reason they were NASTY. They are often reasons that give clarity to the interactions. Not that it dismisses their behavior but it certainly makes you understand them a little better. Often times these reasons make me feel bad for the unpleasant person. Sad for their circumstances. I think this is why I try not to hold a grudge and I am willing to forgive people when they apologize. I do need to feel that they are being sincere. And of course, if the negative behavior were to continue then I would set limits with them and likely keep my distance. But giving them the opportunity to show a different side gives us both a chance of having a great friendship.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you give someone a second chance!!!


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