Big experiences …

Today I had my first race of 2016. A local 5k called the Leprachan Leap. I’ll be honest, I don’t like running 5ks. They freak me out. You cannot have a bad mile in a 5k if you run for time. It’s over before you know it and no error is forgivable. You seriously have to be on your game the whole time. And then BOOM, it’s over! The whole thing is a boat load of stress for me. Although the pressure to perform well is always there for me, I am so much more relaxed on a half or full marathon course. I have so much respect for runners who devote their time to 5ks.

Anyway, with that being said, I was very excited when I learned of this particular race because the course took runners through one of two historic airplane hangars that we have in the area. I am absolutely fascinated by these things. I have been for years. My family thinks I am so silly. But heck, they are enormous wooden structures that can create their own weather inside! I am sorry but that is straight up cool! So despite my dislike of the distance I registered for the race.

Today was race day and I have to say it was AWESOME! That hangar was HUGE! I was in awe! The structure was menacing from the outside but inside it looked like a work of art! The best part of today had to be that I felt great too. Running came easy and pushing myself seemed natural. I honestly never set out to set a new personal record for myself today, I just wanted to do my best and enjoy the course. But today my best included a new personal record. I finished in 26:33. I even placed 5th, out of 90 other women, in my age group. Needless to say I was pretty happy!

Well, I hope you all had a day that was filled with BIG experiences!!!



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