FUNDAY (yes, I’m naming calendar days now) … 

Today, being the actual day that makes this year a LEAP YEAR, got me thinking.

Getting an additional day once every four years seems like it should be a bigger deal than it is. Now don’t get me wrong, I am sure we all understand the general idea of WHY we need to add a day. It’s important for many reasons. Trust me when I say that I for one do not want my birthday in July to feel like winter.

I am talking about the name of the actual day. There is a problem here. Uh. For me anyway. We just add the 29th day of February to whatever day of the week falls after the 28th and call it that. Like today. It’s just regular ole Monday.



It seems like a pretty weak effort for a day that is so darn important. Doesn’t it?!?!

As I delved deeper into my thoughts about this I was even more shocked that I had never heard of anyone trying to name LEAP DAY something special. I’m going to lay this responsibility on the calendar monitoring people. Whoever they are … they failed.

Well, I hope you all enjoy your EXTRA FUNDAY (there, I gave it a name)!!!


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