GLITCHY, FAST and maybe a little DELUSIONAL, but I’m still waiting on Nike’s call …

My Garman died. You need to know this because it affected my run today and lead me to write this entry. I don’t solely use my Nike Running app to track my pace, I usually use it just for music. But since my Garmin died I had to rely on my Nike app this morning. Had my Garmin been working, I may have never even noticed what happened this morning.

OK, onward.

When I haven’t been sick I’ve been training pretty hard. Not in distance just in fine-tuning the miles I am running. Unfortunately this week all the cross training I’ve done finally caught up with me and I am very sore. So when I left this morning I wasn’t expecting to break any of my own personal records. Truth be told, I was just hoping I survived.

When I finally dragged my weary butt out there to run I was surprised at how good I felt. So much so that at one point I thought maybe I should do some speed work. Again, I wasn’t looking for anything monumental, I just wanted to add a little bit more to my run.

And that’s when my problem (or revelation) started.

Every time I tried to push my pace my Nike app would lose me. It even crashed twice!

Now I am pretty sure I just need to delete and reinstall my app and the problem will be resolved. But the dreamer in me would like to believe that I was running at a pace that somehow broke past Nike’s ability to track me.

Um … either way, I’ll still be waiting on a call from Nike about my sponsorship.

Well I hope you all have a day where you are GLITCHY FAST (and maybe a little delusional)!!!



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