Like a pardon from prison …

Thank goodness Reese has not had a fever in over 36 hours. Her cough is another issue. Yikes. Let’s just say that her doctor knew what he was doing when he put her on antibiotics preventatively. I can’t imagine what that would have been like if he hadn’t. Holy moly!

Anyway, when Reese woke up fever-free I was so happy! I knew we had to get outside for some fresh air and sunlight. A few days ago we had an outdoor mall open up in our neighborhood. It’s less than a mile away so I thought it would be a PERFECT day to check it out. And it was. First off the sun felt wonderful. It was warm and there was a slight breeze. When we got there Reese threw pennies in the fountain and we ate some clam chowder soup at our new Whole Foods Market. Our outing wasn’t very long but it was just what we needed. Now granted, our sickie confinement time didn’t last long at all, but for some reason it felt like a lifetime!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you feel like you received a pardon from prison!!!


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