Partying like a ROCK STAR … not …

I can get by with just a few hours of sleep, but I need at least a few. Three to four hours I can function on, no problem. But less than that is pushing it. The other night Reese had a fever and was coughing. It was such a rough night for her. Nothing seemed to make her feel better. I felt so bad for her! It’s miserable being that sick and watching your baby struggle through it is just heartbreaking. I think both of us had a total of about 90 minutes of broken sleep. Luckily her symptoms became much more manageable over the next 24 hours so she took LOTS of naps and slept soundly last night. She is still sick but seems to have recovered from the night of restlessness.

I, however, have not.

Clearly my recovery times from all-nighters are definitely not what they used to be. And now that I think about it, nor do the all-nighters look the same either. Not. At. All.

If I had to describe the way I feel, it would best be served by the word FATTENED. Like I’ve been squished by an unusually large (probably not earthly) object. Wait. I need two words. Drugged. I feel FLATTENED and DRUGGED. Yep. That sums up how I feel after pulling an all-nighter with my sick 6 year old. Have mercy.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you realize you can no longer party like a rock star!!!


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