Me and my germs …

I often judge a good training run by how awful I feel running it. No joke. Am I hot, sweaty and miserable? Do my lungs feel like they are going to explode? Do my legs feel like they are being pushed to the limit? And … do I want to throw up? Yep, I mean barfing. To clarify, actual barfing is bad, but feeling like I want to barf is a good thing. At least for me. It’s a gauge to know that I have really pushed myself as hard as I could. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t recommend doing this. I know my body and what my limits are. I adhere to the rule of “safety first”. I know what it feels like to push myself and I know what it feel like to almost black out while running because I pushed too far. Sadly, I’ve gotten there and it is SCARY.

Anyway, on my run Saturday I was pretty darn happy with myself. I was doing some hill training and was quite miserable … AND … I wanted to throw up. I knew when I was done, I could do no more. I carried on with my day as usual then later in the afternoon I felt queasy again. I chalked it up to dehydration and drank a lot of water. Minor dehydration is not uncommon for runners especially when the heat comes into play. We have been having some warm days lately so my dehydration didn’t come as a surprise to me. To put it in perspective, it was 93 degrees here today. Some winter!

Yesterday I woke feeling good and headed out with my family for a lovely Valentine’s Day at the Getty Villa, dinner at Philippe’s and dessert at Donut Man. It was a great day! I do admit, however, that there were a few times yesterday when I felt a moment of nausea creep in. Again, I just drank more water and felt fine. Well, sadly I was nauseous again today too, only this time it was WAY worse. I felt terrible! And my poor Reese is not feeling good either. She has had almost no appetite. I am no doctor but I am pretty darn sure that she didn’t catch my dehydration. So now, I realize one thing. I have not been dehydrated, I have been sick! Ugh.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you weren’t out spreading around all your germs!!!


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