Problem solved …

Reese has been dripping for months. OK, off and on for about four months. What I had originally dismissed as a bad cold season, soon began to look like a whole lot more to me. This kid had a new drip every other week. And it was a BIG LONG DRIP. Oddly enough, it almost never went along with a fever. And if it did, it was low grade and gone very quickly. Her primary doctor checked her out at the end of October and she was as healthy as can be. But the colds continued.

Then a few weeks ago I was helping brush Reese’s teeth and noticed that her tonsils and adenoids looked pretty big. I wasn’t sure if I had just never noticed their size before, but they looked enlarged to me. Reese wasn’t in the middle of another cold so I decided to bring it up at her next ENT appointment, which was today.

Let me tell you, that this appointment couldn’t have been scheduled at a more perfect time. The wind this week has been awful for Reese, so the doctor got to see THE BIG DRIP first hand. I told him how the past four months have gone down. I mentioned the wind, the dripping and how I could pinpoint when my child, who was typically a pilar of health, became a drip monster. I explained that she had just started kindergarten and that I knew that more germ exposure could also be playing a part, but that I was convinced that there was more to it.

Well, there was

After examining Reese he concluded that sometime after he had seen her last summer her adenoids grew. He said that they were large enough to prevent drainage and that they were likely causing all her recent problems. He said that removing both her adenoids and tonsils would stop the recurring colds.

I was so happy! In about 10 minutes with him we had an answer and a plan for a cure! I couldn’t have been more thankful.

Relief. Relief. Relief.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you get help solving a problem!!!


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