FUNDAY (yes, I’m naming calendar days now) … 

Today, being the actual day that makes this year a LEAP YEAR, got me thinking.

Getting an additional day once every four years seems like it should be a bigger deal than it is. Now don’t get me wrong, I am sure we all understand the general idea of WHY we need to add a day. It’s important for many reasons. Trust me when I say that I for one do not want my birthday in July to feel like winter.

I am talking about the name of the actual day. There is a problem here. Uh. For me anyway. We just add the 29th day of February to whatever day of the week falls after the 28th and call it that. Like today. It’s just regular ole Monday.



It seems like a pretty weak effort for a day that is so darn important. Doesn’t it?!?!

As I delved deeper into my thoughts about this I was even more shocked that I had never heard of anyone trying to name LEAP DAY something special. I’m going to lay this responsibility on the calendar monitoring people. Whoever they are … they failed.

Well, I hope you all enjoy your EXTRA FUNDAY (there, I gave it a name)!!!

Eating bonbons (I WISH) …

A summary of my day. Running errands. Here to there, EVERYWHERE. Doing chores. EW. Handling DISASTERS. One is quite enough. Phone calls. No really, I have THAT many children. Paperwork, lots. AND LOTS. In conclusion: MEH and BLAH. 

Well, I hope you all had a day where you sat around eating bonbons!!!

GLITCHY, FAST and maybe a little DELUSIONAL, but I’m still waiting on Nike’s call …

My Garman died. You need to know this because it affected my run today and lead me to write this entry. I don’t solely use my Nike Running app to track my pace, I usually use it just for music. But since my Garmin died I had to rely on my Nike app this morning. Had my Garmin been working, I may have never even noticed what happened this morning.

OK, onward.

When I haven’t been sick I’ve been training pretty hard. Not in distance just in fine-tuning the miles I am running. Unfortunately this week all the cross training I’ve done finally caught up with me and I am very sore. So when I left this morning I wasn’t expecting to break any of my own personal records. Truth be told, I was just hoping I survived.

When I finally dragged my weary butt out there to run I was surprised at how good I felt. So much so that at one point I thought maybe I should do some speed work. Again, I wasn’t looking for anything monumental, I just wanted to add a little bit more to my run.

And that’s when my problem (or revelation) started.

Every time I tried to push my pace my Nike app would lose me. It even crashed twice!

Now I am pretty sure I just need to delete and reinstall my app and the problem will be resolved. But the dreamer in me would like to believe that I was running at a pace that somehow broke past Nike’s ability to track me.

Um … either way, I’ll still be waiting on a call from Nike about my sponsorship.

Well I hope you all have a day where you are GLITCHY FAST (and maybe a little delusional)!!!


Getting the lumps out …

Why, after approximately 40 years, do I still have inconsistent bed making skills? Some days I make my bed and it looks pretty. Then there are other days when it looks like I’m failing miserably at trying to hide a dead body.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you get all the lumps out!!!

The brown line-y chair and my wandering eye …

As I sat in the lobby of Reese’s new speech therapist’s office I noticed a chair.

Um. Let me back up a little. 

This is the first time I was not talking with staff or in the session with Reese and her therapist. So, even though I have been in the lobby at least four times already it was my first day to actually sit in it and notice … stuff. 

Now back to the chair.

Actually there were two chairs but the one that was occupied I had no issue with. The empty one was diagonally across from me to the left. Brown. And very line-y. Lots and lots of lines. All of them horizontal and brown. Brown. Brown. Brown. No matter what I did I found that my left eye would wander back to it. I checked my email. It wandered. I cleaned out my purse. It wandered. I Facebook-ed. It wandered! I thought I’d try to sit in it. You know, to get a different perspective. Then I decided that was probably a bad idea. What if I couldn’t handle the brown line-y-ness all round me. What if it made things worse! Being new to the center I wanted to appear as normal as possible. Moving once would be questionable. Moving twice, no one would understand. Well, not yet. Not until they got to know my me-ness. So I stayed put. Diagonally across from the brown line-y-ness. And in my own private hell.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you weren’t totally distracted!!!