Holding it together …

I am not timid about fighting for what I believe in especially when it comes to the health care of my children. I truly believe I was created with social work in my blood.

Today I had to be Sid’s social worker. Unfortunately there was some miscommunication that delayed things from happening and … well … it put me into quite a tizzy. But as much as I wanted to yell and cry I knew I couldn’t if I wanted to get things done. So I put my patient advocate hat on and calmly made my calls (and some complaints) and plead her case.

When I worked I could do this all day long. I loved helping patients who needed someone to fight for them when they felt they couldn’t. I was thankful to give them peace of mind. I remember the social worker who gave that peace of mind to my mother prior to her mastectomy. That social worker changed the course of my life. I had wanted to go into social research but the day I saw what that woman did for my mother, I decided, that THAT was what I wanted to do for others. And it truly is rewarding.

But I can tell you this … it is hard when you are fighting for someone you love. My daughter. My heart. My love. There have been moments through this whole thing when “being professional” and “calm and collected” has been a down right miracle.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you HOLD IT TOGETHER!!!


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