Gladly taking the good with the bad …

As I took my morning walk this morning I couldn’t help but reflect on 2015.

So. Much. Change.

Most of it good, thankfully. But no less stressful. And if I just focused on the “highlights” (as I usually do), the good parts of all that change, then I can honestly say that 2015 was a great year.

BUT … there were moments when I was experiencing those “good” times when I don’t think I could say that I actually felt “good”. Like the day we left San Francisco after dropping Sid off at school. That was great, but it felt awful. For days!

There were so many events like this that happened in 2015 that I couldn’t count them even if I wanted to. But what I do want to do, is learn from them. And I think I did.

Life is a balancing act. If I chose to focus on the pain I experience I fear that I will lose sight of all the happiness in my life. And I refuse to let that happen. So this is my motivator.

If there is one thing my mother taught me in her short life, it is this: you can find laughter and joy even in your darkest moments. It is her legacy. And it is how I chose to life my life. TRUST ME, it’s not always easy … but it is possible. And if any year proved that to me, it is 2015. In fact, by not feeling the pain that I did, I would have never been able to feel and experience the joys that went along with them … and who am I if I chose to rob myself of that? Not the me I want to be, that’s for sure. 

Change. Good or bad. It’s a DOOZEY.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you gladly take the good with the bad!!!


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