Die Hard and the Christmas spirit … in Living and Running in LaLa Land

Last night we spent some time at two of my favorite places to go during Christmas time. The first is a place called Roger’s Gardens. It’s a nursery that always has the most elaborately decorated Christmas trees around. They have a coffee and cocoa stand and Santa is there for photo opts. Years ago, when my crew was much younger it was quite an event. They had carolers, a miniature train, cookies and hot chocolate for the kids and Santa would read “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” It was truly magical! As the years passed it has changed quite a bit, but it still holds such fond memories for me that I like to go even if all the “hoopla” isn’t as … um … “hoopla-ish”, HA!

After we walked around and visited Santa last night we headed over to Sprinkles Cupcakes for dessert. We usually eat our cupcakes there, but the only seating is outside and it had rained earlier so we decided to bring our cupcakes home and enjoy them while watching a true Christmas classic. It was SO FUN!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you get into the Christmas spirit and then watch Die Hard!!!


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