Still dreaming BIG … 

Today I ran the USA Half Marathon Invitational in San Diego. It is my last race of 2015, a year that I won’t soon forget. Good and bad, it was memorable to say the least! I am thankful for my new half marathon personal best that I earned in June. Which will never cease to amaze me at my age. SHOCKING is a better word for it, HA! But this year really wasn’t about personal bests for me, that would be too simple. This year’s running lessons were much deeper than that. These lessons were about hope and potential. It was about choosing to still believe in myself even when things seemed pretty grim. It was about taking chances and, most importantly, not allowing fear to dictate my decisions.

I admit that I was scared out there today. I was scared for a lot of reasons. Fear of being swept (there were multiple points on the course where, if you weren’t fast enough, they would have pulled you off the course). Which came from my fear of re-injuring my foot. And that lead to my fear of failure. Fear. Fear. Fear. BLAH. Being that my FEAR FEST all stemmed from worrying about getting hurt again, I decided I would face it head on. I told myself to just run. To run as fast as I could for as long as I could. And IF I got hurt again … well … then they (my doctors) would just have to fix me again. Seems a little crazy, but I didn’t want fear to stop me from enjoying this race. I earned my right to be there and I wanted my last race of the year to reflect my spirit, my hope in what could be. Scratch that … my hope in knowing what one day, WILL BE.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you choose to keep dreaming BIG!!!


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