Paris …

A series of terrible, horrible things happened in Paris, France today. Unthinkable acts carried out by, what could only be, the most depraved of human existence.

Terrorism wasn’t something I grew up understanding. It wasn’t something my generation had to deal with. I am sad and angry that this is the type of world children today are familiar with. It’s wrong. And quite honestly, I am sick of it.

Sadly, I’m not sure there is a peaceful way to end these senseless acts of violence. Not because our world leaders can’t be civil, but because who we are dealing with may not have souls. Anyone who could carry out or support these heinous behaviors can’t possibly have a sense of reason within their being. Compassion is clearly lost to them. Reasonability, unlikely. I am not being negative or pessimistic, I just can’t imagine that diplomatic negotiations leading to a peaceful resolutions are a possibility when compared to the irreparable damage these groups have already done.

But what I am sure of is that I am simply amazed at the human spirit of the rest of the world. Despite the attacks we have suffered at the hands of these subhumans, we drive on. We continue to live life. We continue start families, have babies, go to college, have careers and make future plans. We do not live in the fear … we live in hope.

One of the most astonishing things I saw today was when images started surfacing of the words “Not Afraid”. It was beautiful. An outward declaration, that no matter how hard we may get knocked down … we WILL NOT give in to fear and our spirits will not be crushed.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you have had quite enough!!!



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