Avoiding the idiots … I wasn’t so lucky …

Ever have a day where every experience you had at a retailer made you question the future of humanity? Well, I have. And today was that day.

I had more bad customer service encounters today than I have had in a very long time. Including, but not limited to, being shamed for giving a cashier a large bill for a $5 purchase. Then having her yell to the customers behind me that “SHE shut down my lane”. Really cashier lady??? Did I mention that she also short changed me by $10? Ugh. Luckily I caught it before I walked away, because I wasn’t about to pay extra for that spectacle!

Oh and let me tell you about the purchase return I did. The cashier at that store tried to convince me that my new purchases and my returned purchases “equalled out”. Um no honey, not by a long shot. Now, give me my darn money. And she did.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you avoided the idiots!!!


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