Another life-changing experience …

As I sit her writing I am crying. Again. I am at THAT stage of marathon training. The wait just before race day.

One does not come to run a marathon by accident. It takes months of training and requires an enormous amount of support from family and friends. You are never in it alone. And it’s during this time that I am wildly aware of and completely humbled by the love and support I’ve been shown by my army. I do not do this alone. I couldn’t, nor would I ever want to.

Nike just recently released a new commercial called “Last”. The setting is the last miles of a marathon course on the streets to San Francisco. There is no finish line in sight. You see a sparse crowd of weary runners. The focus changes to one young woman. She is … dead last. The narration is of her thoughts. How she is not a “runner”. How she is “especially not a marathon runner”. But at the end of “this” she will be.

You only have your first marathon experience once. Mine was truly exceptional. I won’t get into all the details again, but suffice it to say that it will always remain one of the most special memories of my lifetime. And although you only have that experience once there is something wildly magical about being on marathon course. There is something that happens to you out there, each and every time, that is worth all the pain, anxiety, frustration and disappointment that you may experience along the way. You are often shown a side of yourself that you never knew existed. And upon crossing that finish line, you find that it is a piece of you that somehow you can now never live without.

I have struggled so much this marathon training. I wanted so much for this race. The lessons I’ve learned have been hard and uncomfortable. I’ve been heartbroken watching on my progress disappear. But I have also made peace with what wasn’t meant to be this time around. I am thankful to still be able to run this race. It’s honestly miracle. I find comfort in knowing that this race and the training that came before it was chosen to be part of the lessons that I needed to experience to become the runner I’ve always wanted to be. There will be a next time for me … and I look forward to it.

On Sunday I will run a race that I won’t be the best trained for. It won’t be my fastest. It won’t be THE ONE. But I WILL finish, despite every obstacle that was thrown in my way. And I will continue to appreciate every single step I am able to make, because regardless of how things turn out, I will always see running as a gift. A gift that shreds me to pieces mind, body and soul. Yet somehow manages to make me feel brand-new again. Every. Single. Time.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you look forward to another life-changing experience!!!

It just doesn’t make sense …

Reese loves to color and cut with scissors. Ummmmm … but when her teacher sends it home as homework it’s no longer fun. It’s like a punishment … with lots of unhappiness. 

Baffling. Truly baffling.

Well, I hope you all have a day where something just doesn’t make sense!!!

Don’t believe everything you read …

I cannot believe how many Facebook posts I saw today about privacy and monetary fees and well … a bunch of malarkey (wow, I said “malarkey”).

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t believe everything you read!!!

More determined than ever … 

Ever get the feeling that all negative forces are working against you, to keep you from doing something that you are being called to do??? When obstacle and obstruction seem to meet you everywhere you turn and for absolutely no reason at all.


You are drawn to keep moving forward. Ignoring the “signs” and all of your fears and anxieties because your gut tells you that there is something more important waiting for you.

Yep. Me and race day. One week from tomorrow. And nothing or no one will stop me from being there and finishing that race. Not after all I have done to get there. And that is a promise.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are more determined than ever!!!

Pipe cleaners (Part 2) ~ the winner …

Some days my victories are measured against battles won with insurance companies and crossing marathon finish lines. Other days my victories involve stubborn 6 year olds and pipe cleaners.

Reese was in a mood this morning. You know that mood where your child decides to fight you on absolutely everything? Those mornings where getting them out of their pajamas requires the jaws of life. When brushing teeth looks like a game of tug-o-war. And when giving up a toy resembles a hostage negotiation. Yep. We had one of those mornings.

As I mentioned yesterday, today was Crazy Hair Day at Reese’s school. I had absolutely no ideas of grander on my design of Reese’s hair style for the event. I know where my talents lie and crazy hair design is not it. Her style was going to be cute, full of school spirit and … would require miracle to pull off after the morning we had.

But I went for it anyway.

Reese whined and DRAMA-ED IT UP as I brushed her hair. But I pulled out all the stops. I sang songs! I made up new silly games! I made funny faces! And I made weird mom noises! All in an effort to distract her from her pain-in-the-butt-ed-ness-for-no-reason-at-all mood.

And …

It worked.

She even told me she wanted more pipe cleaners in her hair! I couldn’t believe it. I’m going to file this away and remind myself that acting like a nut, inspirers my daughter to become completely compliant and agreeable. WHODA THUNK?!?

Well, I hope you all have a day where you feel like a winner!!!

Pipe cleaners (Part 1) … 

So it’s Crazy Hair Day at Reese’s school tomorrow. And as any good mother would do, I “Googled” pictures to get some ideas. Let me tell you, there are A LOT of parents out there more creative than myself, that is FOR SURE. Some of the hair styles I saw on Google had to have been thought up by engineers and physicists! I was stunned!

Me … I bought some pipe cleaners today.

And I’m not all that confident that what I have planned for them will go smoothly. But, you know me, I’ll find some life lesson in it … or … a reason to drink before 9 a.m.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you know there’s a big story coming!!!