I think they may fall off … 

I love running in San Francisco and I love running hills, so I’m in runner heaven when I am here. However, since breaking my foot I haven’t run up one hill. Not. One. Until today.

I decided last night that I wanted to make my training run today one I wouldn’t soon forget. I wanted to climb to the highest point in San Francisco that I could get to that still stuck within my scheduled training miles.

And I think I found it.

I ran all over the city before I started my trek up California Street. The highest point would cross at Jones Street.

All I can say is that I climbed and climbed. And at one point I’m not so sure I was, what you would call, running. And did I mention the sweat? Good lord. I was dripping.

So I admit I was pretty proud of myself with what I pulled off today. BUT. I kinda forgot how this might all feel later. Um. Yeah. I forgot that.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you didn’t think your legs were going to fall off!!!


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