Making the best out of life …

I have been known for both living in the moment and for living, literally, in LaLa Land. I learned at a young age that you need to appreciate every moment for what it is and to always keep a positive attitude. I have found that there is value in every moment and that even my darkest times can yield much happiness.

This way of living and thinking has carried me a long time. Life can be hard. Times change. People change. And grow. Life will NEVER stay the same or slow down. But if you don’t roll with the punches and learn to smile and laugh in your discomfort then there is a good chance you will be left in a heap of bitterness and sorrow.

I used to think I liked change. I’m not so sure about that now. I often find myself reluctant and tearful these days about the impending changes in our lives. But I know as much as I would like things to stay the same, there is beauty in a life evolved. There is adventure in the unknown. And excitement in a new future. So I will do as I always have. Enjoy. Love. Be. Become. Smile. Weep when I need to. And hope. Always.Well, I hope you all have a day where you make the best out of life!!!


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