I’m hanging in there … 

I was super excited to get out and run this morning. It was my first long run in three weeks. I wasn’t worried too much about my endurance, but I was really curious to see how my foot held up. Luckily long runs during marathon training are more about building endurance than they are speed. Training schedules give you a pretty wide pace range for long run days that keep you in the “running” for your desired marathon pace come race day. And trust me, I have those paces ingrained in my memory, like they were burned there with a cattle prod, HA!

Anyway, I had two pretty decent runs this week and I was hoping for a long run to go with it. But I wasn’t going to do anything crazy either. The run was going to be driven by foot, not by my stubbornness. I still have one spot on the top of my foot that is sore if I push on it. I know. Don’t push on it. But I can’t help it. It also lies right along my shoelace line. Which doesn’t help the soreness factor one bit. But other than a little stiffness, my foot has felt pretty good.

So I woke up early and got out there. My first 6 miles went exactly how I had hoped they would go. Easy. And at a pace I was pleased with. My last 4 miles I decided to take much easier. My foot was tired. I hadn’t run 10 miles in three weeks, and my foot was beginning to feel it. So I listened to my body and slowed down. I said PHOOEY to the paces stuck in my head and just ran what felt most comfortable to my foot. This is huge for me. HUGE.

I would be lying if I said that running the Twin Cities Marathon didn’t have a huge emotional tug on my heart. It does. Yes, all marathons do, but this one is at the top of my list. But as I ran today, struggling with my demons of self doubt, I realized how happy this whole process makes me. Running at my best, or at my worst, I am still running. And no matter how long it’s taking me, each race, each mile, each step, is moving closer to the goals I have made for myself. I am living … and it truly is a life beyond my wildest dreams.

Just as I slowed down my pace this morning the skies opened up and it started to rain. It was not just beautiful but it was also like a redemption. Washing away my self doubt and replacing it with even more determination. I’m in this thing. I am not letting go of my dreams. And no matter how long it takes me … I WILL achieve them.

The funniest thing about my run today is that I still somehow managed to finish within the pace range set for my goal time on race day. I’m not sure how, but I did. Go figure.

Situations like this ALWAYS remind me that the lessons I learn running rarely have anything to do with running itself. They are lessons about life, and patience and learning how to become more of the person I was meant to be. Yep. It’s a process … and one I plan on sticking with until the very end.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you hang in there!!!


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