Summery …

I absolutely love going to concerts in the park this time of year. Sadly with our schedules we are lucky if we make it to two or three of them. Tonight we did manage to get there. And I am so glad we did, we had so much fun! The best part for me was when Reese and I collected leaves. Then we laid on our backs under the trees looking up at the sky, watching humming birds fly around. It was the BEST! Of course we also enjoyed the music and we were even treated to some rain! The whole evening left me with the wonderful feelings that only this time of year can bring.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you felt summery!!! 

Believing my own delusions …

Whoa. I think I may have taken this Bob the Boot thing a little too seriously for my subconscious to handle. When I was driving on the freeway earlier today I almost got into the carpool lane.


It was just me and Bob, who was sitting in the front seat. I would love to have seen me explain THAT to a highway patrol officer.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you aren’t starting to believe your own delusions!!!

She makes my heart melt … 

Sometimes when Reese is sleepy, but fights actually falling asleep, she makes shapes with her hands. It is so precious. Her tiny little hands taking the form of hearts and diamonds, with her eyes struggling to stay awake, is just about the cutest thing I will ever see in my life. Oh goodness, I love this little angel of mine!

Well, I hope you all had a day where your heart melted!!!

Full of hope … 

Well, this morning I took my first trip to the gym with the boot. I am being allowed to sub my running miles on the recumbent bike. It leans back and doesn’t put any pressure or weight on your feet. As much as I hate it, it is a life saver. TRULY. I also found a version of P90X modified for people with foot injures and who are required to use a walking boot. Between the two, I have to say, that I had a KICK BUTT work out! Best part ?!?! I had virtually no pain whatsoever in my foot. I am even three days post my last pain meds. Which was a whole plethora of anxiety in and of itself. I hate taking ANYTHING. But the pain in my foot was so bad it was causing nausea and migraines. So needless to say, I took them. 

Boy oh boy, I was super scared this morning. I wasn’t sure how this was all going down, or if any of the modifications would make me feel like I am doing enough to keep this hair-brained idea of mine alive. But it is! I still see that start line in my future. And I am going to do whatever I can to be there and be healthy enough to run that course. Twin Cities Marathon … I am STILL on my way!!!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are full of hope!!!

I made myself feel better …

So after being given “the boot” on Friday … literally … it pretty much gave me the go ahead to feel bad for myself. This translates into: I GET TO EAT AND DRINK WHATEVER I WANT.

And trust me, I did.

The past 48 hours have not been pretty. But ya know what, I was OK with it. I told myself I could comfort myself with food and drink for the rest of the weekend. Then it has to stop. I am pretty good about turning that switch on and off. I know many people struggle with it even when they have fairly healthy routines. But I firmly believe that I need my indulgent moments. And I take them when I feel I need them. I can’t be good. ALL. THE. TIME. So every once in a while I do let myself indulge, and it makes my regular healthful habits not seem so confining and RIDGID. It’s a balance. One where my healthy habits are way more frequent, but where periodic indulgences have their place too.

So often we find enjoyment and comfort in food. Donuts will always remind me of my childhood. For me there is no other “comfort food” that compares to a jelly donut. Everyone has “their thing”, and boy oh boy, if it’s not a regular happenstance, it is such a treat when you have it. I know it certainly is for me.

Needless to say, I had a few donuts this weekend. And although they were just a bunch of empty calories I didn’t need, they sure did serve their purpose. And tomorrow … so will the gym.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you made yourself feel better!!!

I’m having a little fun with it …

I decided to bring some silliness into this whole foot dilemma of mine. I have named my boot. Yep. I named it and made it male. It’s my version of a “Flat Stanley”. If you aren’t familiar with “Flat Stanley”,it’s a children’s book by Jeff Brown and illustrated by Tomi Ungerer. It’s about a little boy who is flattened and is now able to be sent, via mail, all over the world to visit people. “Flat Stanley” is replicated in classrooms where by children make versions of their Stanley and send them all over the world to various relatives and friends who take photographs with them. It’s a cute idea, so I copied it. When I realized just how much time this boot and I are going to be spending together, I figured, why not? 

I am really hoping that my boot adventure ends on October 4 as I stand at the start line of the Twin Cities Marathon. I have trained so hard these past few months. I refuse to believe that having taken two steps off my porch took me out. So I am staying positive and not giving up. My plan is to still train, without running, until I’m cleared by my Ortho. I am hopeful that this will be some time in August. Regardless, it’s going to take a lot to get me to that start line. And I am hoping that a little extra laughter will carry me all the way.

So that is how the idea of Bob the Boot was born. In just 24 hours we have already been to an Angel’s baseball game, had a shopping trip to the mall and we also happened to stumble upon a crime scene. NO JOKE! Photographs taken, of course. Boy oh boy, I can only imagine where Bob and Jen’s WILD ADVENTURE will take us next!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you have a little fun with it!!!