Stinky onions, TRUST ME, don’t squeeze them, just don’t …

This morning when I went to the kitchen to make breakfast I noticed my onions smelled REALLY onion-y. Not at all in a bad way, just noticeable as they sat in the basket where we keep them.

I had a few errands to run this morning so I wasn’t in my kitchen again until I got back home. I honestly had forgotten about the onions until I started cutting up some fruit for lunch. Thinking about how unusual it was, I walked back over to the onions and smelled a milder onion smell than this morning. Which really had me confused.

Looking at the onions they appeared perfectly normal. There were three red onions and one Maui onion. I wondered which one could have caused the strong smell this morning. So I decided to investigate more thoroughly.

All I can say about that now, is that it was a bad idea. Or at least how I decided to conduct that thorough investigation.

I started with the red onions. I picked up each one, smelled and examined them. They seemed as normal as onions can be.

THEN I picked up the Maui. It looked totally normal and smelled within the normal onion-y range. But what struck me as odd was the weight of it. It was as light as a feather! I thought it felt hollow … and … well … I squeezed it to find out.

I regret that decision now. A lot.

The next think I knew, me and part of my kitchen were covered in onion fragment and juice carnage.

If you were wondering … I FOUND THE SOURCE OF THE SMELL.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t STINK!!!


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