Marathon training, The Shining, Jack, Ree and me … 

Today I officially began training for my 8th marathon. YAY! And my first training run went very well. It was a 5K and I somehow managed to get under a 9 minute pace. A feat I wasn’t expecting on my tired … no … EXHAUSTED legs. All that pre-training has wiped me out!

Anyway, I guess I should write something poetic about marathon training … but I’m not. Instead I’m writing about ax murderers.

You read that right. 

Yes, folks SHE went from marathon training to ax murderers in 3 seconds flat.

OK, just read me out on this one.

For some reason (perhaps I saw The Shining one too many times growing up) when I am startled awake and I see an image that even remotely looks human, my brain immediately thinks AX MURDERER … and I react accordingly. No joke. And it’s not pretty. Arms, legs and messy curly red hair flailing all over the place. You’ve got the visual.

Now, let’s talk about 5 year olds. These little buggers are the cutest people on earth. And they typically sleep like passed out drunken people. They are OUT. Sleeping for HOURS. A hard, deep sleep that even a parade passing through their bedroom couldn’t wake them. Then there are those nights when they are up and down like yo-yo’s with more energy that is right or just or rational.

Reese had one of THOSE nights last night.

She was up three times between 12:30 a.m. and 5:50 a.m. almost giving me a heart attack every time she woke up. The first time she woke up she decided it would be fun to play with my alarm clock.

No … no it wasn’t fun, AT LEAST NOT FOR ME.

I can tell you this. No matter how quiet, small and cute a person may be, ANYONE who wakes you from a dead sleep standing inches from your face in the dark, could very well be mistaken for an ax murderer. Truth.

The second time Reese woke me up last night was with a big SLAM. She slammed my bedroom door shut. So immediately I woke up believing my ax murderer was about to scream in his best Jack Nicholson voice, “JENNY,  I’M HOME!” 

Oh. My. God.

The third time Reese woke me up it was almost 6 in the morning. So there was at least some daylight. However, after the two previous near heart attack situations this wake up call was only slightly better.

“HI … ELLO … HI … ELLO!!!” to the top of her lungs. All I thought (giggling to myself) was that at least now my little ax murderer wanted to be friends with me before they harmed me. HA!

“Good morning princess … mommy is awake now. Promise.”

Well, I hope you all have a day where you were scared out of your mind by the most precious person you know!!!


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