Tough it out and have some fun … 

My friend Kim and I ran the Chardonnay Run in Santa Monica this morning. It started at a little beachside park and ended at the Pier after weaving through downtown Santa Monica. It was a nice little course and the event was very well run. They even handed out cups of grapes at a water station. I loved that! At the end of the run, runners received wine and cheese amongst other little treats. Overall, we really liked it!

Kim and I, however, were lucky we even made it to the start line. Yesterday I ran a 13.5 mile training run. Five and a half of those miles were on my nasty training hill. Then I walked over another mile and half home. Basically, my legs were shot.

Kim has, for the past several weeks, been training to become a barre instructor. A barre workout includes pilates, yoga, and ballet. All in one class! Kim has had to attend multiple classes a day over the weekends and some classes during the weeknights to get this training done. Yesterday she attended at least four hours of training. FOUR. FOUR HOURS of pilates, yoga, and ballet all rolled into one. Holy. Moly.

I am pretty sure both of us questioned our sanity for even showing up to the run today. And I gotta say, for about the first quarter mile I wasn’t even sure I was going to finish the run. My feet felt like cement bricks and my legs felt like spaghetti. Fun. NOT. And I know Kim wasn’t feeling much better than myself.

Kim and I met three years ago when we joined the same running team, Team Victorious. We attended a Nike event and hit it off right away. We have raced together and hung out ever since. Kim is a wonderful friend and conversations just flow with her. Laughter ALWAYS happens when we are together. Put simply, we have a great friendship and enjoy our time together. And despite all the fatigue and soreness we were feeling, today was no different.  

Well, I hope you all had a day where you toughed it out and had some fun!!!


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