If I can, I will …

I have always taught my children that if there is something that they can do that eases someone’s anxiety, then they should do it. Especially if it is either of minimal effort or if THEY are virtually the only ones who could alleviate the stressor.

On more than one occasion I have had information withheld from me that could have relieved me of much stress in my life. Especially had it had been delivered in a timely manner. Yes, someone (or someones) have knowingly, willingly and purposefully withheld information from me that could have spared me a lot of emotional discomfort. Most of this stress-relieving information eventually made its way back to me. But when it finally did, I realized how little my feelings can mean to another person … and just how controlling they could be.

So, I have raised my children with the understanding that this kind of behavior is wrong. I want them to be aware that people can be under enormous amounts of stress that can be harming them both physically and emotionally. And if they hold the key to bidding the stress away from another then they, as good humans, should make every effort to do so as quickly as possible. Heck. We all should.

Well, I hope you all have a day where decide that if you CAN, you WILL!!!


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