I had my butt handed to me …

Today I started stair training. I’ve never done this before but it’s supposed to have positive results for runners in the areas of strength and speed. So, since I’m willing to trying anything to get faster, I decided to incorporated this into my training.

I was super excited about starting even though I was DRAGGING today. But I got myself to the gym and the trainer took me over to the STAIRMASTER.

Now right there, I should have had some clue about what was going to happen to me. Anything that claims the name MASTER, commands a certain amount of respect and exudes a WHOLE LOTTA intimidation. But I wasn’t really thinking about the MASTER, I was just ready to get started. I just assumed that I GOT THIS. So I climbed aboard the MASTER and got a quick lesson and some advice from the trainer. He told me not to use my arms and hands in a way that would make “climbing” the stairs easier. Like if I used them to pull me up, in a sense. I took everything he said seriously and we started the MASTER. He put me on level 2 and then left. Well that was fine … for like a minute. It was too slow for me. So I kicked the MASTER up to level 5. Now most normal people would be satisfied with that, especially the first time trying something.

Nope. Not me.

I decided that if using my hands made it easy, I needed to not hold on. AT. ALL. As terrifying as this was for me (seriously I am not at all graceful and I am typically an injury waiting to happen), I let go and kept climbing.

It was at this point that my body started flipping the heck out. I was dripping sweat like I have NEVER dripped sweat before. Perhaps it was the extra added need to balance … or the terror that coursed through my veins at the thought of “eating it” at the gym during possibly the busiest hour of their business day. All I know is that it was like I had sprung a leak … from every pore on my skin. The MASTER made me LEAK. I think my eyelids were even sweating. Do eyelids sweat?!?! But I continued on. Leaking and climbing. Oh my god it was so AWFUL.

When I was done with my BRUTAL session on the MASTER I had to take the leap of faith it took to get off of it. Now typically this would be a fairly easy thing to do, but at the moment my body was darn near a state of shock. I’d lost more fluid than I thought my body even held. And my legs were a little … WRECKED. So I climbed down off the MASTER like a gangly, wiry mess clinging for dear life onto the arm rails I had just refused to touch.

The MASTER … in deed.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you didn’t have your BUTT HANDED TO YOU!!!


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