Changing your mind …

So as any good mommy would do, I asked Reese today if she wanted to go to the mall to see the Easter Bunny. She said she did so off we went. Sid joined us, but Libs and G3 decided they were happy not visiting Peter Cottontail. What. Ever. Party poopers.

Reese and I had been to the mall about a week ago and she was very interested in the Easter Bunny. We didn’t have time to wait in line to see him but I told her  that we could come back another time to see him. She seemed quite happy with the thought and was very content just waving to him as we passed by.

BIG SIGH. Now let me tell you about our experience this afternoon. When we arrived at the Easter Bunny’s house, we got in line. It was a significant line that appeared to have at least a 30 minute wait time. I asked Sid to walk Reese around to the front while I stayed in line so she could see the Easter Bunny. I wanted to make sure Reese still really wanted to do this before we committed to the line.

Sid took Reese and returned a few minutes later with a confirmation that Reese did, in fact, want to see the Easter Bunny and take a picture with him. So we waited. And waited. Reese was a bit anxious and wanted to be picked up and held by either Sid or myself the entire time we waited in line. Let me tell you, that little girl gets heavy after 30 minutes!

Anyway, Reese was very excited and chattered away. Confirming several times that we were going to take a “cheese” with the Bunny. She playfully hopped and pretended to be a bunny. She was really into it. And then … it was our turn to get up close and personal with Peter. I am not really sure what happened, but Reese suddenly decided that she wanted no part of this Easter Bunny meeting. Not. At. All.

The Easter staff was wonderful. They tried to give her time and never pushed her. They even devised a plan to have the, now giant and horrific, rabbit go into his house doom. The idea was to have Reese sit in the Scary Bunny’s chair and, without her knowing, he would poke his terrifying head out of the window behind her and the photographer would snap the picture. I thought, “WOW, brilliance!” Reese would never even see him! Well … she wanted no part of that either. Ugh.

So with that, Sid and I scooped Reese up and said good bye to the Easter Bunny.

Kids. They do the darnedest things.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you didn’t change your mind!!!


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