All mixed up … 

I have a bone to pick with whoever thought up daylight savings. The whole idea is just dumb. Makes NO sense. And is utterly annoying. CLEARLY the “genius” who came up with it didn’t have young children either. It never fails that a few days after the time change Reese goes bonkers. She is half asleep for hours after she comes home from school and is a moody patootie. She fights taking a nap and cries like I’ve somehow wronged her beyond repair for even suggesting that she take one. Sheesh! It’s a fun afternoon. NOT. Then comes bedtime. And she’s WIDE awake. Her poor little system doesn’t know what it wants to do!

Seriously, whoever came up with this torturous time altering fiasco just better steer clear of me or I’m going to force them to babysit my sleepy grumpy wired kid!

Well, I hope you all have a day where your body isn’t all mixed up!!!


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