Creature of habit …

Today the city we live in was replacing electrical transformers in our neighborhood. They gave us more than adequate notice that we would not be able to park on our street and would not have power. However, I have been a nut all day. No really, A NUT!

I started laundry … and couldn’t turn the washing machine on. I loaded the dishwasher … and couldn’t run it. Every room I went into I attempted to turn the light on … at least twice. I finally just left the house because I was starting to drive myself kooky! I can’t believe, that even after having days to prepare myself for this, I couldn’t get out of my old routines.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you aren’t a creature of habit!!!


Life feels all planned out …

I absolutely LOVE making lists. I don’t even think it matters what kind. Just as long as it’s a list with a purpose, HA!  Today it was meal plans, daily schedules, Spring Break outings and shopping lists. I know it doesn’t sound like much fun but this stuff makes me down right giddy.

Well, I hope you all had a day where life feels all planned out!!!

Calm the heck down …

Sitting on the couch. Reading. Relaxing. Minding my own business.

Then … a teeny tiny tickle happened.

Aaaaaand I went bat-poop crazy! Flailing around. Screaming. Flopping. Yes, lots of that. And shooing it off me … whatever IT was. 

Truthfully I think it was a hair because there was absolutely NOTHING there that should have caused my insanity spurred convulsions. You’ll be happy to know that when I finally stopped flinching and my heart rate went back down to normal I gave myself a really good subconscious talking to. Good freakin’ lord …

Well, I hope you all had a day where you told yourself to calm the heck down!!!

It felt like summer …

Boy oh boy, it has been a HOT one today! The weather topped out at 88 degrees where I live but it felt hotter than that to me. Over the next two days we will be in the 90s then in the mid to high 80s until next Friday. HOLY MOLY! If this is the beginning of Spring I can’t even imagine what summer will be like. Oh who am I kidding?!?! Of course I can imagine it, IT WILL BE WONDERFUL MONTHS OF WARMTH!

Well, I hope you all had a day where it felt just like summer … YIPPIE!!!

Suction cups …

At the end of some days I realize that I have kept my contacts in one too many hours … and the thought of taking them out is almost as horrifying as keeping them in.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you didn’t feel like you have teeny tiny suction cups attached to your eyeballs!!!