Out of character …

Yesterday I thought I had a turn for the better in this whole nasty sick week of mine. I was wrong. Very. 

Last night I coughed for about two hours. It was terrible. My head felt like it was going to burst every time I coughed and I was dizzy. And breathing during this whole episode was no easy feat! So I finally decided it was time to go to the doctor. And it’s a good thing I did because I have an ear infection and the beginning of bronchitis. I just KNEW that all my symptoms weren’t an exaggerated mess in my head … OK fine, this time.

I will be the first to admit that I panic if I think anything is wrong with me. I can dream up some pretty awful “worst case scenarios” in my head. Some may call this hypochondriacal … I would just like to think that it’s part of my qwerky charm. I also don’t like taking meds. They scare me. All those chemicals just freak me the HECK out. But I have to say that today when they offered me antibiotics for my ear and other meds for my unrelenting cough I was like a drug seeking fool. I wanted ALL of it. No really. All. Of. It.

I don’t think I could have thanked the doctor more for helping me. She was sweet too. She knew of my chemical phobias and she took the time to assure me that the medications I was being prescribed had been around a long time and that they were very safe. I was very grateful she was so kind but with as miserable as I was I probably would have volunteered for a trial drug study, where the side effects were know to cause GIANT permanent purple skin spots, if I thought it could make me feel better. 

Goodness. It is truly amazing how much you change when you realize how important breathing is!

Well, I hope you all had a day where you didn’t act totally out of character!!!


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