I can’t wait to it to be over …

Today is Ground Hog Day. It’s also the 21st “anniversary” of my mother’s death.

It never gets easier. This day is always awful. Awful, awful. The days leading up to it tend to be an emotional roller coaster for me too. I have come to accept this. There is no escape from the feelings of loss. Today is just a reminder of all I lost. What she has missed. And what will never be.

Then February 3rd comes and I am SO much better. The worst day of my year passes and I go on. Not that I don’t have my moments or even days when I’m down about my mother being gone. Trust me, I do. And those days suck too. But today … like I said … is just awful.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you couldn’t wait for it to be over!!!


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