Terrified, grossed out and dumb …

I have literally not watched television in years. I couldn’t even tell you what series are currently airing. But somehow, Sid has managed to SUCK me into watching “Bones”. She started watching the first season on Netflix and somewhere along the line, I became intrigued enough to sit down and watch. And NOW I can’t get enough of this show! You would think after every thing I have seen working in Emergency Rooms and Trauma Centers that I have had ENOUGH gruesome in my life. Nope, apparently not! As bad as it gets, I can’t seem to look away. It’s SO FREAKIN’ disturbing! And I can’t understand even a quarter of the medical mumbo jumbo, which is usually an area I have a pretty good grasp on.

To lay it out … I have become a television watcher. Well, one show anyway. AND that show scares the BAJEZUS out of me, CREEPS ME OUT and confuses THE HECK out of me.

And get this! We had just finished the first season when Sid told me that we have about 10 seasons to watch before we catch up. CATCH UP?!?! This show is still airing!!! When she told me I wasn’t sure I should be happy or concerned. Oh. My. God.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you were happy to feel terrified, grossed out and dumb!!!


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