Like a wild animal …

This morning I ran more miles and longer than I have in months. I hadn’t run over 13 miles in over four months so it’s nice to see I still have it in me. Of course I have no clue why I’m running this kind of mileage but that’s OK, my crazy self will figure it all our eventually.

The one thing about long runs that we runners often joke about is the appetite that follows. Oh. My. God. It’s primal. Sometimes it hits us right away. Sometimes it takes a day … or three. But trust me, eventually, it strikes. One minute you are like a normal human being, then SUDDENLY you are scouring your pantry like a lion on the hunt for weaker prey. Hoping to find a sickly bag of potato chips that wouldn’t stand a chance! Um … me … I do that … and I don’t even like potato chips. Goodness.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t feel like a wild animal!!!


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